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Applegate Super Natural All Beef hot dogs

Applegate Super Natural All Beef hot dogs

Grilling isn’t just for meats! Vegetable skewers, potatoes, fruits, even sliced pound cake, are scrumptious when grilled.

— Yummy summertime grilling tips by Staying Me.

Choose your condiments wisely. We always search for the condiments that don’t include high fructose corn syrup and have the fewest ingredients.

— Healthy summertime grilling tips by Adventures in All Things Food.

I prefer grilling our food in the summertime, and my favorite is this incredibly yummy grilled pineapple dessert that is to die for.

— Check out this great recipe for summertime grilling by Tricia’s List.

Growing up my mom would always coat our grilled hot dogs with BBQ Sauce. The best time to apply the sauce is 5 minutes before you remove them from the grill so that it doesn’t burn

— Delicious summertime grilling tips by A Girl Worth Saving.

A sprinkling of garlic salt or other seasoning salts while your meat is grilling adds a nice dash of simple flavor.

— Awesome summertime grilling tips by Contest Corner.

Toss almost any kind of vegetable combination together on the grill in an aluminum foil “boat,” brush them with olive oil, a sprinkle of sea salt and pepper and voila – a tasty treat!

— Delicious summertime grilling tips by Slick Housewives.

Four eyes are always better than two. If you need to leave the grill for any reason or will be distracted, ask someone else to keep an eye on it for you.

— Smart summertime grilling tips by Mommy Talk Show.

Grilled asparagus is a great side with your perfectly grilled hotdog.

— Get recipe from The Nerdy Nurse.

It’s a good idea to close the grill lid after you’ve placed your food on the grill. A frequent change in temperature will cause your meat to cook unevenly.

— Simple summertime grilling tips from Lilac City Momma.